Investment Opportunity

“Shaksfin Entertainment”

offers value-added investors to participate in our business / individual projects

Shaksfin Entertainment productions bases its economic viability on multiple revenue centers including [Income from the show], exclusive wine & dine, merchandise sales, and extensive marketing and sponsorship campaigns. While enhancing the total sales potential and diversifying investment risk over different sources of income, break-even points are generally considered below conventional/ one-dimensional show productions. For our project investors, we hope to generate an attractive risk-return ratio.

Shaksfin Entertainment, with its prime production “The Crystal Mirror”, invites sophisticated and value-added investors to partner with us in future projects.Please contact for more information.

Desired Investor Profile

Investors joining Shaksfin Entertainment and its productions:
  • Are well-traveled and of international background (our existing investor base includes individuals from Switzerland, USA, Indonesia, Austria, and UK)
  • Have relevant industry and investment experience
  • Have access to a relevant regional or global network
  • Seek alternative investment opportunities in the high-end entertainment sector
  • Enjoy the social and cultural aspects of producing a variety of large format and prestigious shows.